The canal now closes with the Prosperous - Edenderry road as a curiously angled bridge looms ahead. This is known locally as the ‘Skew’ bridge (pronounced by locals as ‘Scow’). Here ignore the ‘Grand Canal Way’ signs, which point along the north bank. This in fact would lead on to the busy and fast Edenderry Road. It is more comfortable to cross the ‘Skew’ bridge to the south bank where after a few paces on a tarmac road you gain a grassy stretch, which in turn gives way to a minor canal bank road. This leads by the rusting remains of a guillotine-style lifting bridge previously part of the narrow gauge peat railway. Continue on to Hamilton Bridge and cross back over to the north bank pausing on the bridge to take in the view which reveals a vast stretch of airy peatland merging with the horizon. 1 4 7 9 5 32 COUNTY KILDARE’S TOW PATH TRAILS