The Irish Peatland Conservation Council Bord Na Mona Bridge Hamilton Bridge Lifting Bridge Skew Bridge Bond Bridge Huband/ Green Bridge Milltown Feeder Canal Traveller’s Rest Pub The Barrow Line New Barrow Line Allenwood Cross Robertstown Lullymore Heritage & Discovery Park Lowtown 19 20 21 Locals have installed seating and planted trees along the route - a gesture that says ‘welcome’ to the passing walker. Once, the big landmark along the route and companion on the skyline for many miles was the cooling tower of Allenwood’s ESB Generating Station. Its lines curved spectacularly but gracefully to a height of 286ft, 87m. The station was commissioned in 1952 in an imaginative scheme to produce electricity from the vast peat resources of the Bog of Allen. It was part of a chain of peat-fired power stations and turf processing plants, which were the economic and social powerhouses of the midlands from the 1950s onwards. Today the generating station is no more. The community, which it once sustained, has long turned to other forms of enterprise - not least tourism of which the walking route described in these pages is of central importance. Within the area, other tourist visitor attractions include The Irish Peatland Conservation Council centre and the Lullymore Heritage & Discovery Park located at Lullymore, and both deserving of a separate family day visit. THE GRAND CANAL 31 GPS 53.2687 -6.8405 GPS 53.2692 -6.8175 Bond Bridge, Allenwood