In the eary 1970s. the building became the hub of an imaginative community project to capitalise on Robertsown’s canal heritage. Seizing on the tourist potential of the village’s waterside location, the locals set-about restoring the hotel and recapturing the village’s period atmosphere. Period banquets in the hotel, barge cruises, and a week of canalside festivity marked a resurgence of Robertstown, this time as a tourist venue. The momentum was difficult to sustain and the hotel while remaining an impressive backdrop to this picturesque waterside village is now closed. However Robertstown retains its charms not least its traditionall pubs and new coffee shops which continue the tradition of hospitality to the canal side traveller. Roberststown is one-half of the pair of locations which together form the centre-of-gravity of the Grand Canal system. The other half, Lowtown Junction, is another mile along the road. Cross the bridge at the west end of the village (Binn’s Bridge) to the north side of the canal and keep to the canal bank road where it diverges from the main road. Pleasure boats moored at quayside Barge Horse plaque on gable end 29