Continuing on the main line of the canal the landscape could be described as lush Leinster pastureland with the gentle gradients relieved only by a hill crowned by a prehistoric earthwork on the south bank of the canal. As Digby Bridge comes into view an intriguing structure just off the towpath defies explanation. Commonly thought of as being an overflow control device, its concentric walls with tunnels and culverts seem highly elaborate for such a routine purpose. Sandymount House to the right of Digby Bridge seems to have been built to face the canal rather than the road. At the bridge, keep to the north bank and continue along the canal tow path. As you approach the 17th lock at Landenstown Bridge, take time out to study the pair of quaint gate lodges at the entrance to Landenstown House (out of view behind trees on the South bank of the canal). . Overflow Chamber 26 COUNTY KILDAREā€™S TOW PATH TRAILS