As with so many of the canal’s spectacular features, the Leinster Aqueduct steals up suddenly. There is no sense of traversing a major landscape feature yet the Aqueduct was a huge challenge for the canal builders and still inspires awe. Sit on the low wall (take care, of course!) and look down at the fast-flowing waters of the Liffey spanned by the mass of the Aqueduct. A plaque proclaims that Richard Evans, engineer, completed it in 1783. The Leinster Aqueduct is the first step in an entertaining coincidence of transport engineering in the immediate locality. A kilometre to the east, the Osberstown rail bridge bears the date 1883, while close-by the M7 motorway bridge over the Naas canal was completed in 1983. Thus a striking sequence of transport innovation all within a two-kilometre radius: canal 1783; rail 1883; motorway, 1983! Soldier’s Island Leinster Aqueduct Digby Bridge Landenstown Bridge Sallins River Liffey Sallins/ Naas Sation 16 17 Leinster Aqueduct THE GRAND CANAL 25 GPS 53.2510 -6.6674