Oughterard Hill Lyons House & Estate Aylmer Bridge Henry Bridge Ardclough nsonby ridge Celbridge Hazelhatch The Grand Canal Hazelhatch/ Celbridge Sation R405 River Liffey N W E S 34 13 Here the towpath trail coincides with the Arthur’s Way trail which links the towns of Leixlip and Celbridge associated with the brewing magnate, Arthur Guinness, with his grave in the ancestral burial place on Oughterard Hill to the east. Along the path, almost hidden behind the estate walls, a coffee shop and restaurant are to be found nestled in a collection of restored old stone buildings which echo to the sound of a gushing millrace. The towpath continues past Henry Bridge and along a pleasant road towards Ponsonby Bridge. An old pumping tower stands off the canal to the east indicating the location of the large Boston limestone quarries, now flooded. The stump of an early Christian round tower may be glimpsed on Oughterard Hill in the background. Indeed the hill echoes many footnotes to the past - it was on this slope in 1815 that Daniel O’Connell and John D’Esterre fought a pistol duel, with mortal result for the latter. Liffey Bridge at Celbridge Old Pumping Tower at Boston Quarry 21 GPS 53.31973 -6.5231