Walk on over the aqueduct where the canal narrows. Looking up the river valley the large brown outline of the massive Intel computer chip factory is visible - an interesting contrast with the legacy of the canal builders who were considered the leading engineers of their time. Continue on towards Louisa Bridge. Just before reaching the bridge turn right, still within sight of the Rye Valley, to a little park within the shadow of the canal embankment. Walk back towards the river to discover a deep bath-like structure with a set of stairs at both end and grids for letting water in and out. This is all that remains of the once famed Leixlip spas, which, in their time drew crowds from the city to take advantage of the mineral springs. Back nearer the entrance to the park is a hexagonal basin of a similar purpose. Both features were restored in the late 1970s and a small park created around them. Continue on under Louisa Bridge, which formerly carried the busy main road to the west. Soon after the towpath passes under a modern bridge notable for its span of twenty beams of reinforced concrete which carries a link road from the M4 motorway to Leixlip. After a short distance the towpath is pleasantly over-shadowed by trees and takes an unusally elevated course well above the level of the waterway. Leixlip Spa, a natural spring- restored in the 1970’s COUNTY KILDARE’S TOW PATH TRAILS 14