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February 18, 2008

January 1957 - Newspaper Reports

Some articles relating to Kildare Town from the Leinster Leader for January 1957
Sunday last was a red letter day for over one hundred “old folk” resident in Kildare Parish. They were guests of honour at a dinner and social arranged by the local Muintir na Tire Guild – and they certainly did justice to the fare offered in the C.Y.M.S. Hall, and then showed their appreciation by making the rafters of the building ring in the whole-hearted and enthusiastic sing-song which followed.
Listening to them sing one could not but appreciate the truth of the old saying – “you are as old as you feel”; certainly quite a few of the eighty-and-over-year-olds present could give the lead to some of today’s rock-n’-rolling youngsters who have everything but the vitality to give conviction to the “practices” which they preach so vehemently but fail so lamentably to make convincing.
But perhaps Parish Priest, Very Rev. P. MacSuibhne put the whole idea into proper perspective when he welcomed his elders by telling them that they were under no obligation whatever for the few hours of leisure and enjoyment being offered to them.
“You are here because it is your right to be here”, adubhairt An t-Athair MacSuibhne, “and you can rest assured that it gives the organisers and the people of this Parish the greatest pleasure to be able to give you all this opportunity of showing just how much you are appreciated.”
And what an evening they made of it, those pensioners on whom the years rest so lightly! From the first course (prime oxtail soup, take our word for it) they moved majestically through turkey, ham, sprouts, celery and all the trimmings to reach their highest peak of satisfaction and appreciation when, with all due honours, a blazing Christmas pudding was ceremoniously piped through the dining-room before being apportioned to the delighted guests.
Coffee (or tea) and biscuits gave way to the sing-song which proved so enjoyable and the guests went home with light hearts-and, no doubt, brighter hopes for the future. Might we venture to suggest the Kildare have set a headline which many other parishes would do well to follow?
3,000 Fewer Cars Registered in Kildare.
An official of the taxation department of Kildare Co. Council told our representative today (Thursday) that the total number of vehicles registered was 3,400, whereas last year the total registration was 6,782. Allowing for several hundred latecomers this means that at least 3,000 motor vehicles in the county may be laid up until the petrol rationing is over.
On inquiry at Naas garages it was ascertained that the demand for petrol with coupons is meagre and the same state of affairs appear to exist all over the country.
Kildare and Droichead Nua
Christy Dempsey, 7 years old son of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Dempsey, Rahilla, Kildare, was removed to the local hospital on Christmas Day suffering from injuries received when struck by a motor car near his home. On Monday it was learned that the youngster’s condition was satisfactory.
It is understood that the boy was engaged in a gem of “Cow-boys and Indians” with some other children at his home an ran through a gateway on to the road just as the car was passing. Struck by the vehicle, he was thrown into the air, landed on the bonnet and rolled into the ditch just as the motorist came to a halt. The boy was fortunate to have escaped more serious injuries.
Christmas in the Churches.
St. Brigid’s Parish Church, Kildare was packed to overflowing for the Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve, celebrant of the Mass was Rev. Fr. MacInerney, C.C. and a feature was the inspiring number of Holy Communicants.
Doctor Bereaved.
Dr. Cornelius O’ Driscoll, whose death has occurred at his residence, Cardiff, Wales was brother of Dr. J.J. O’ Driscoll, Kildare. A native of Innisbeg, Skibereen, Co. Cork, the late Dr. O’ Driscoll graduated at Edinburgh University, and served in the R.A.M.C. during the First World War. For the past forty years he had been a prominent member of the medical profession in Cardiff. He is survived by his widow and two daughters: Dr. O’ Driscoll of Manchester, and Dr. O’ Driscoll of Kildare, (brothers): and by his sister, Miss Elizabeth O’ Driscoll, Skibereen, Co. Cork.
Up Goes the Water.
Monday last was a “black letter day” for many of Kildare’s business people. Reason was the appearance of an official to read the water meters in their various premises forerunner of the new charges for water supply which will come into operation from Jan. 1st.
One businessman told our representative that the new charges will cost him an extra ₤10 per year (based on the amount of water used last year). There was no comment when a visitor from overseas interjected “Ireland must be the only country in the world where you have to pay for water.”
Garda Transferred.
Garda Connolly, Kildare, is on temporary duty in Dundalk; he is one of a number of Gardai transferred to the Northern station in connection with the recent incidents in the Six Counties.
C.I.E. Official’s Death.
General regret was caused in Kildare by the death of Mr. R. D. Cousins, C.I.E. official. The late Mr. Cousins was attached to the Railway Company for a lengthy period and for some years past had acted as a relief station master operating throughout the Republic. A brother of Mr. Patk. Cousins, Dunmurray Road, he was educated at De La Salle Schools, Kildare, and in his youth was a member of Fianna Eireann. A Guard of Honour of Kildare Company, Old I.R.A., paid customary honours at a very largely attended funeral to New Cemetery, Kildare, on St. Stephen’s Day, and the coffin was draped with the Tri-colour.
Kildare Flier Killed.
Thomas Breslin, son of Mr. and Mrs. Michael Breslin, Station Rd., Kildare, was killed in a plane crash at Fermoy on Thursday forenoon. Deceased was attached to the Irish Air Force and the plane was an Air Force Machine.

Some articles relating to Kildare Town from the Leinster Leader for January 1957

[compiled and edited by Mario Corrigan; edited and typed by Breid Kelly; special thanks to Cill Dara Historical Society]

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