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October 17, 2007

AN TOSTAL SOUVENIR BOOKLET 1953 - The Programme of Events

5th to 26th APRIL, 1953
Kildare Town Programme
OPENING DAY—Easter Sunday, 5th April:
2.0 p.m. Parade from Dún Mhig Aoidh
(a)        Band and C.Y.M.S.
(b)        Military Colour Party
(c)        O.N.E.
(d)        G.A.A. and N.A.C.A.
Ceremonial hoisting of An Tóstal Flag at Market Square
on arrival of Parade.
Parade to St. Brigid’s Park. Hoisting of National Flag.
Official Opening, followed by:
(1) Two Mile Flat Race—Kildare County Championship
(2) Junior Hurling—Suncroft v. St. Brigid’s, Kildare.
(3) Two Mile County Kildare Relay Race
(4) Senior Football—Kildare v. Suncroft.
(Admission to Field 1/-; Sideline, 1/- extra
9 p.m. to 3 a.m. Dance in C.Y.M.S. Hall. Music by Bobby Rogers and his Band.
Monday 6th April—Easter Monday:
3 p.m. to 5 p.m. Adult Ceili Exhibition in Market Squar [Square – sic] (C.Y.M.S. Hall in case of rain). Gallowglass Ceili Band.
Wednesday 8th April:
            8 p.m. Rathangan Y.F.C. presents SIMPLE SOULS in C.Y.M.S. Hall. Admission: 2/6; 1/6; 1/-.
Thursday 9th Apri1
7 p.m. to 10 p.m. I.C.A. and Vocational Class Exhibition in De la Salle School.
7 p.m. Display of Modern Military Equipment in De la Salle School.
8 p.m. to 10 p.m. Adult Ceili Competition in C.Y.M.S. Hall. Lackagh and C.Y.M.S. Kildare Clubs. Admission 1/-.Adjudicator J. O’Toole, Esq. Gallowglass Band.
Friday 10th Apri1:
7-10 p.m. I.C.A. and Vocational Class Exhibition and Display of modern Military Equipment in De la Salle School.
8 p.m. to 12 midnight. Ceili in C.Y.M.S. Hall. Gallowglass Band.
Sunday 12th Apri1
2.30 p.m. Band Parade. Football: Rowanville and Curragh Road v. Assumpta Villas and Campion Cottages (Referees Messrs. J. J. Conlan and J. Grant).
3 p.m. Opening Tournament of Tennis Club.
8 p.m. Card Drive in C.Y.M.S. Hall.
Monday 13th April
8 p.m. Adult Ceili Competition—Kildare v. Rathangan—in C.Y.M.S. Hall. Admission 1/-. Adjudicator J. O’Toole. Esq. Gallowglas [Gallowglass – sic] Band.
Tuesday 14th April
8 p.m. Kildare C.Y.M.S. Dramatic Club presents a humorous comedy.
Wednesday 15th April
8 p.m. to 12 p.m. Tennis Club Fancy Dress Dance. Parade for competitors at 10 p.m. Admission 3/-. Music by Bobby Rogers Band.
Thursday 16th April
8 p.m. Adult Ceili Competition—Droichead Nua v. Rathangan—in C.Y.M.S. Hall. Adjudicator: J O’Toole, Esq. Gallowglass Band. Admission 1/-.
Friday 17th Apri1
9 p.m. to 3 a.m. De la Salle Past Pupils’ Union Dance in C.Y.M.S. Hall. Tickets 5/-. Music by Jimmy Dunny’s Band.
Sunday 19th April
Curragh Golden Ball Golf Competition.
Whist Drive in C.Y.M.S. Hall—8 p.m.
Tuesday 21st April
8 p.m. In De la Salle School. Lecture “WOOL IN THE HOME,” followed by film.
3 p.m. Courthouse: Woodwork Exhibition by Vocational Class.
Wednesday 22nd April
8 p.m. Concert and Ceili Winners’ Display in C.Y.M.S. Hall. Admission: 2/6; 1/6; 1/-.
Friday 24th Apri1
8 p.m. to 12 midnight—Ceili in C.Y.M.S. Hall.
Sunday 26th Apri1
2 p.m. Band Parade to St. Brigid’s Park
Minor Hurling—Suncroft v. Kildare.
Senior Football—Kildare v. Peadar Mackens
Whist Drive in C.Y.M.S. Hall at 8 p.m.
Céi1í and other Exhibitions and Events will be arranged during An Tóstal period.
Facsimile of Book of Kells on display by kind permission of Co. Library Committee.
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ABOVE: - the advert for Kellys which accompanied the above text and BELOW the ad vert for Monumental Cafes which appeared on the opposite page
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The last section of text in the An Tostal Souvenir Booklet of 1953 detailed the programme of events in Kildare Town from the 5th to the 26th April of that year.
[compiled and edited Mario Corrigan]

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An Tostal Committee, Kildare, 1953
Very Rev. P. Mac Suibhne, P.P., Kildare
Very Rev. R. E. Eaton, M.A., Dean of Kildare
Very Rev. J. MacGrath, O.Carm., White Abbey
Mr. John J. Conlon, Maddenstown House
Mr. Wm. Gannon, Tully
Hon. Treasurers:
Rev. Wm. Kinsella, C.C., Kildare
Mr. Patrick Power, N.T., Frenchfurze
Hon. Secretaries
Rev. Bro. Cataldus, F.S.C., Kildare
Mr. Joseph Cardiff, Curragh Road
Committee, with the Organisations they repesent:—
Rev. Bro. Declan, F.S.C., Kildare (Schools); Miss May Fleming, Claregate St. (St. Brigid’s Tennis Club); Mrs. C. J. Bergin, Abbey Ville (Kildare I.C.A.); Miss May Lawlor, Watergrange (Rathangan Y.F.C.); Mr. Jas. Mackey, Rowanville (Round Towers Football Club); Mr. Patrick Quinlivan, Railway Cottages (C.Y.M.S. Dramatic Club); Mr. Joseph Cardiff, Curragh Road (St. Brigid’s Hurling Club); Lieut-Col. Looby and Comdt. Rea (the Army); Mr. Jas. Morrissey, Fairgreen (Athletic Club); Mr. William Gannon, Tully (Old I.R.A. and C.Y.M.S. Band); Mr. William Cullagh, Assumpta Villas (National Ex-Service­men); Mr. Patrick Colton, Rowanville (De la Salle Past Pupils’ Union); Mr. Thomas Hackett, Kyle (Kildare Farmers); Mr. Francis Burke, Virginia Lodge (Kildare Traders); Sergeant-Major Egan, Curragh Road (Irish Dancing); Garda Coogan, Bride St. (Garda Siochana).
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ABOVE: - last page of publication
BELOW: - inside rear cover
Inside Rear Cover web small.jpg
The rear cover of the An Tostal Souvenir Booklet of 1953
Rear Cover web small.jpg

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THE dates up to 1864 are taken from the Catholic Registry and are only approximate. The dates from1864 are taken from the Parochial Registers. There seems to have been only one C.C. for the whole parish up to 1840.
1835-43—REV. PATRICK FITZPATRICK, P.P., Mountrath 1844. Died 16th, September, 1857.
1844-55—REV. ANDREW MCMAHON, P.P. Edenderry 1856. Died 18th January, 1865.
1849-50—REV. THOMAS CULLEN. Nephew of Cardinal Cullen. C.C. Suncroft 1847-48, and 1851-68. P.P. Suncroft Feb.-Nov. 1868.
1851-55—REV. BARTHOLEMEW EGAN. C.C. Mountrath 1858 to 1864 or 1865. “Rev. R. Egan, C.C., St. Briget’s [Bridget’s – sic], Kildare, died 22nd May, 1868”—Catholic Registry, p.341. R. should probably read B.
1858-59—REV. EDWARD FOLEY. C.C. Stradbally 1863-65. Died 3rd April, 1865. Born at Mensal Lodge, Leighlinbridge, he was a brother of the late John Foley Augha, the late Mrs. Kinsella, Rathellon, and Mrs. Lalor. Iron Grange, whose grandsons are the esteemed P.P.’s of Daingean and Abbeyleix respectively.
1863—REV. PATRICK NOLAN. Cf Father Patrick Nolan P.P. Ballon, who was born in Killane, Ballon.
1864-May, 1865—REV. THOMAS MAHER. He then went as C.C. to Rathangan.
May to December, 1865—REV. MICHAEL CURRAN.
Dec. 1865—July 1866—REV. THOMAS FENLON. Rev. T. Fenlon, C.C., Kildare and Leighlin died 20th April 1887.
July, 1866-Dec. 1867—REV. JAMES DELANEY. Fr. James E. Delaney, P.P., Rosenallis 1869. Died 27th Dec. 1901. A native of Carlow.
Dec. 1867-Jan. 1882—REV. JOHN KINSELLA. P.P. Edenderry 1882. Died 26th Nov., 1905. Native of Rath­rush, Ballon parish, and nephew of Father John Nolan, P.P. Kildare.
Jan. 1882-Nov. 1883—REV. THOMAS J. KELLY. P.P. Emo. Died 14th August, 1918. A native of Raheenleigh, Myshall.
Nov. 1883-Aug. 1886—REV. SIMON MCWEY. Went as C.C. Rathangan. P.P. Kilcock. A native of Sleaty, uncle of Messrs. James MeWey, Sleaty House, and Thomas, Round Tower House, Kildare.
Aug.. 1886-Aug. 1889—REV. JOHN DELANY. P.P. Rathvilly 1903. Monsignor. Died 17th Nov., 1941. Native of Abbeyleix, brother of Father Joseph Delaney, P.P. Stradbally 1902-22.
Sept. 1889-Jan. 1894—REV. JOHN CULLEN. P.P. Tinry­land 1901. Died 13th December 1913. Born Ballysax, uncle of Mr. Alphonsus Cullen.
Jan. 1894-Sept. 1898—REV. JOHN BREEN. P.P. Abbey­leix 1919. Died 11th Sept, 1949. A native of St. Mullin’s parish.
Sept. 1898-June 1903—REV. JOHN DELANY. Was C.C. 1886-89, as above.
June 1903-Dec. 1908—REV. JOHN GORMAN. P.P. Daingean 1919-24. Mountmellick 1924-40. A native of Killeen, Arles.
Dec. 1908-Oct. 1934—REV. DANIEL WALDRON. P.P. Ballyadams. Died 3rd Aug., 1950.
August 1926-July 1927—REV. MARTIN BRENAN, while the parish was vacant. Now President, Carlow College.
Oct. 1934-March 1943—REV. THOMAS KENNEDY. Went as C.C. to Rathangan.
March 1943—REV. WILLIAM KINSELLA. Father Michael McGrath, Ossory, did temporary duty from Nov. 1946 to Aug. 1947, as did Father John Moran, Ossory, from August to November, 1947.
[1863 Cf cross reference to Father Patrick Nolan P.P. Ballon – is this the same priest or relation]
The Curate lived in what is called the old convent up to 1875. When the Mercy Sisters came in that year, the Curate vacated the house and went to live in the present residence.
1856-May, 1865—REV. CHARLES BANNON. P.P. Kill 1865 to his death in 1877. A native of Portlaoise parish.
May, 1865-Oct. 1871—REV. THOMAS MAHER. P.P. Suncroft November 1872 to his death 31st Oct., 1883. A brother of Fr. Patrick Maher, who succeeded him in Rathangan. Both were cousins of Fr. James Maher, P.P. Killeshin, 1840-74, who was an uncle of Cardinal Cullen. Fr. James Maher was born at Donore, Co. Carlow, and was reared at Kilrush, in Suncroft parish where Mr. E. Doyle is now.
July, 1872-May, 1874—REV. PATRICK MAHER. P.P. Killeshin succeeding his cousin Fr. James Maher, P.P., D.D., who died 2nd April, 1874. Fr. Patrick Maher died 24th July, 1879.
May, 1874-Feb. 1879—REV. THOMAS TYNAN, a native of Carlow. Adm. Arles 1879-81. P.P. Leighlin 1881-90. P.P. Droichead Nua 1890 to his death 7th Sept., 1920. Monsignor.
Feb. 1879-June 1886—REV. EDWARD O’LEARY. P.P. Balyna 1886-90. P.P. Portlarlington 1890. Died 15th Oct. 1924. A native of Clonogan, Clonegal.
Aug. 1886-Jan. 1889—REV. SIMON MCWEY, who had been C.C in Kildare.
 Jan. 1889-Feb. 1896—REV. PATRICK BYRNE. P.P. Ballon 1895. Died Sept., 13th, 1923. A native of Baltin­glass.
Feb. 1896-July 1901—REV. JAMES HUGHES. P.P. Myshall 1901. Died 5th Nov. 1906. A native of Kildreena, Co. Carlow. Uncle of Mr. Joseph Hughes, T.D.
July 1901-June 1903—REV. JOHN GORMAN. Went as C.C. to Kildare.
June 1903-June 1912—REV. PATRICK LOUGHLIN. P.P. Raheen. Died 20th Nov. 1920. A native of Rosenallis.
June 1912-July 1915—REV. FELIX W. INGRES. P.P. Ballyadams May 1920 to his death 13th May 1923.
July 1915-March 1923—REV. MICHAEL RICE. P.P. Kilcock 1923 to his death 15th Dec. 1938. Brother of Fr. Wm. Rice, P.P. Carbury 1929-38; Kilcock, 1938-52. Native of Sherwood, Kildavin.
March 1923-March 1943—REV. MICHAEL DOYLE. P.P. Borris 1943. Died 6th Jan, 1950. A native of Ardoyne, Tullow.
March 1943—REV. THOMAS KENNEDY, C.C. Kildare 1934-43.


Rev. James Murray, P.P. Portarlington 1804 to his death, 18th May 1923, at the age of 80. He is buried in Emo; the Countess of Portarlington erected a memorial to him. He was born probably at Drennanstown, Rathangan.
Rev. Benjamin Joseph Broughall, P.P., died 1850. (Under a separate heading).
Rev. James Broughall. Died 10th Oct. 1873, aged 28, and is buried in front of the High Altar in Rathangan. He was son of Michael Broughall, Rathangan, baker, who lived where Jacob’s are now. Baptised 18th June, 1845, sponsors James Dillon and Anne Keogh.
Rev. Patrick Fitzsimons, Administrator, Tullow, died 15th Jan. 1876, aged 43. Buried in Church of the Most Holy Rosary, Tullow, where there is a small tablet recording that he died “of typhus fever, caught while imparting the consolations of religion to the suffering members of his flock. This tablet, and Our Lady’s Altar, have been erected in affectionate remembrance by his grateful parishioners and grieving friends. R.I.P.” Son of Dr. Fitzsimons, Rathangan.
Rev. John D. Clancy. Ordained 15th May 1857. A native of Kildare, he was C.C. Abbeyleix. Died 14th Aug, 1876, aged 43. Buried in St. Brigid’s Church, where a tablet marks his grave, and records that “he was respected by the people among whom he ministered, and beloved by his fellow-clergy.”
Rev. Joseph Murray, P.P. Tinryland, 1846 to his death 5th May 1880. Born at Bonaghmore. Nephew of Fr. James Murray, P.P., above.
Rev. John Murray, P.P. Arles 1908 to his death, 29th March 1918. Nephew of Fr. Joseph. Born at Bonaghmore.
Rev. Edward Loughlin, a native of Cappinarigid where his sister-in-law Mrs. Joseph Loughlin lives. Ministered in Clonegal, Hacketstown and Borris. R.I.P.
Rev. Thomas Kelly, O.Carm. Born in Mount Prospect Rathangan. First cousin of Fr. John: there were three brothers, Thomas in Drennanstown, Patrick in Mount Prospect (father of Fr. Thomas, O.Carm.) and John in the town, father of Fr. John Kelly, P.P. below. R.I.P.
Rev. John Dunne, P.P. Borris June 1909 to his death, 12th Aug. 1931. Born in Rathangan, where Nurse O’Neill now resides.
Rev. John Kelly, P.P. Suncroft, Jan. 1915. Born in Rathangan. R.I.P.
Rev. Michael Byrne, P.P. Kill 1930-36. Brother of Messrs William and John Byrne, Bodenstown. Born in Blakefield where his nephew Henry Byrne is now. P.P. Caragh 1936. Died 20th Nov. 1936.
Rev. John Duggan. Mill Hill Fathers. Born in Newtown, Rathangan. R.I.P.
Rev. Joseph Boland, Curragh Road. Ordained Carlow Cathedral 29th Nov. 1908. P.P. Rosenallis Nov. 1941 to his death 20th April 1949.
Rev. John Byrne, S.J., Rathfarnham Castle. Nephew of Fr. John Murray. Born at Rathangan.
Rev. James Gardiner, P.P. Ballon July 1947. Born in Rathangan. Ordained 13th May, 1915.
            Rev. William Jones. Born in Kildare. Ordained Carlow College, 7th June, 1942. Pastor St. Leo’s Church, Demopolis, Alabama.
            Rev. Michael A. O’Reilly, O.M.I., D.C.L. Born Kildare. Ordained 30th March 1941. St. Mary’s Scholasticate, Piltown, Co. Kilkenny.
The last chapter of the An Tostal Souvenir Booklet for 1953 listed the curates for Kildare and for Rathangan and also the native priests of Kildare.
[Edited and compiled by Mario Corrigan]

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