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March 13, 2007

The famous annual fair at French Furze

A note from July 1898 on the annual fair held at French Furze at the edge of the town.
Leinster Leader 30/7/1898, p. 5.
On Tuesday last the annual fair of French Furze took place on the Curragh edge. There was a good demand for hunters and for heavy draught horses. There was a big attendance of buyers both from England and the Continent as well as from Ireland. The brisk demand for animals of good quality, and the handsome prices paid show that the practice of cycling has not interfered in any way with the great industry of horse breeding. Mr Dermot Hurley, Ballyadams, Queen’s County, sold a hunter, by Master Ned, to Mr T J Roark, Carlow, at ₤120. Mr W S Heather, Sligo, bought five hunters at prices ranging from ₤50 to ₤90. Mr C Read, Waterford, bought three promising colts varying in prices from ₤40 to ₤65. Mr. Hopkins bought two handsome colts at ₤60 each. Captain Jones gave ₤70 for a colt likely to make a weight carrier. Mr Gerald Hurley, J P, Old Connell, Newbridge, gave ₤65 for a good-looking youngster. Captain M’Kenzie, R E, bought a very handsome longtail at ₤65. Mr O G Slocock, V S, Carlow, bought three hunters at prices ranging from ₤45 to ₤70. Messrs Widger, Waterford, bought about 14 first class hunters, and in many instances paid over ₤100. Mr Maher, Wexford, also purchased extensively in the hunter class. Mr J S Sandle, Harristown, invested in some good colts. Mr W K Young, Newbridge and Mr J Atkinson, Maynooth, also bought hunters. Mr Fraser, Ballykilcavan, got ₤90 for a four year old by St Jacob. Mr. Maher, Carlow, gave ₤35 for a three year old colt. Mr W. Mooney, Birdtown, gave ₤80 for a grand weight carrier by Studley Royal. Mr Bodeley, Athy, gave ₤35 for a useful cob. Mr M Whelan, Athy, sold a useful horse to Mr Johnson, Belfast, at ₤40. Mr Low, Dublin, gave ₤60 for a draught horse. Mr Daly, Dublin, bought troopers at from ₤25 to ₤40 each. Mr R Gannon, J P, Newbridge, sold a hunter at a good figure. Messrs Doyle, Dublin, bought a lot of draught horses at from ₤18 to ₤30 each. Mr Smallman, Portarlington, got ₤70 for a hunter. Mr M Healy, County Meath, refused ₤120 for a four year old by Sailor King. Mr Kearney, Boherard, got ₤80 for a hunter. Mr Teague, Athy, sold a hunter, by Early Bird, to Mr Meleady, Dublin, at ₤125. Mr Meredith, Athy, got ₤37 10s for a colt by Earl Soroone.

A note from July 1898 on the annual fair held at French Furze at the edge of the town.

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