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February 06, 2007

Kildare Postman Retires

An excerpt from the Leinster Leader from October 1957 which recorded the retirement of the local postman James Daly. His family are still in the Town.
Leinster Leader, 12 October, 1957, p. 3
            Mr. James Daly, Cross Keyes, Kildare, retired recently after a lengthy service of 48 years as postman in Kildare. To mark the occasion of his retirement a presentation of a beautiful watch, suitably inscribed was made to him by the staff of the Kildare Post Office.
            While wishing him every happiness in his well-earned retirement, Kildare people will regret the departure of Mr. Daly from his regular round. Always courteous and affable, he was extremely popular with all the townspeople who appreciated his unfailing and excellent service and the co-operation and goodwill with which he carried out his duties.
[Photo in issue of Oct 19, p. 4 – Marty Fleming photographer but photograph would not reproduce well from the microfilm] 

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