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January 23, 2007

Construction of Wallpaper Factory - July/August 1936

Two articles from the Leinster Leader recording the initial stages of construction of the Wallpaper factory.
Leinster Leader 1/8/1936, p. 3.
            The tender of the well-known firm of contractors, Messrs. Sheridan Brothers, Newbridge, for the erection of the factory buildings to house the new wallpaper industry at Kildare has been accepted, at approximately ₤13,000. Work on the site (at Cross Keys, on the fringe of the town of Kildare) commenced on Tuesday and construction will proceed apace, as the main building must be completed within the coming four months. The acceptance of Messrs. Sheridan’s tender gave great satisfaction in the district as the firm will employ wholly local labour.
Leinster Leader 15/8/1936, p. 9.
            Following a slight initial delay work has commenced in earnest on the erection of the new wallpaper factory at Kildare. For the past week the contractors, Messrs. Sheridan, Newbridge, have had gangs of local labourers and carters busily engaged in levelling operations, sinking foundations etc. The site, at Crosskeys, at the western end of the town, is an ideal one and during the past week has been viewed by a great number of persons interested in this very important industry.

Two articles from the Leinster Leader recording the initial stages of construction of the Wallpaper factory.

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