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January 05, 2007

Christmas School Concert and Poems

From the Leinster Leader - Two poems by Paddy McCormack of Kildare and a report on a School Concert performed at the Presentation Convent. 
Leinster Leader
            The children of the Presentation Convent Schools, under the guidance of the good Sisters, gave their annual treat to the Kildare folk last Sunday and Monday evenings; and their efforts were thoroughly appreciated and genuinely enjoyed by almost inconveniently large audiences. Indeed on Sunday evening a considerable number were quite content to witness the proceedings through the spacious wide open windows. Everything combined to add to the immense success which the concerts were unanimously voted to be. The stage, which itself, was irreproachable, was artistically furnished with a well chosen variety of exquisite scenery under perfect control; and thanks to Mrs. Cooney the electric current was brought to bear upon the success and surround them with all the magic glamour which perhaps only an abundance of electric light, skilfully managed, can effect. Nor were the little people, who animated those fairy-like scenes, in the least unworthy of their surroundings. Elegantly attired light on foot and light of heart, in all the gaiety and innocence of childhood, they kept tripping about the stage through a maze of Gaelic dance, or blended their young voices in melodies of sweet song, at times admirably suiting the action to the word. They were evidently delighted with themselves and beaming with happiness, and their audience in sympathy with them, were equally happy and delighted. Incidentally they gave unmistakable proof to all whom it might concern, and naturally the subject concerns everybody, that even the youngest among them are not by any means losing their time in school; and perhaps the realisation of this afforded the keenest satisfaction not only to the children’s parents but to the whole assembly. The more advanced pupils were seen at least to equal advantage, figuring in living Tableaux, illustrating striking events in the life of our far-famed Patroness St. Brigid of Cill-Dara. We cannot attempt to describe them. All must recognise that the venture was a particularly ambitious one; and it speaks volumes for the mental and indeed material resources of both Nuns and girls to testify that down to all the details of drapery, ornament, pose and paint, the Tableaux Vivants were crowned with success, while they were an equally eloquent and welcome tribute to Kildare’s interest in, and reverence for St. Brigid. Intensely humourous items were the “Suffragettes” in militant mood, the “Maids of Lee’ alternately young and old, and literally two-faced, and “Mrs. Mulligatanny’s Spring Cleaning.” The school girls were also quite at home in the musical department, reflecting much credit on their teachers and themselves. The Misses Bergin, Beechgrove, were generous as usual in contributing both violin and pianoforte items, at the same time high-class and popular, and they spared no efforts to provide very agreeable entertainment during the intervals. Miss Nolan, from Carlow, by her beautiful rendering of the vocal solos “Thora” and “Fiona” evoked hearty applause.
Leinster Leader, 20/12/1941, p. 5.
‘Tis Christmas time; O Blessed Babe,
Thy Festival is here,
All honour to Thy memory;
Thy Feast of love so dear,
Pray teach the warring hearts of men
To cease all earthly strife,
That peace my feign and tranquil be
The memory of Thy life.
‘Tis Christmas time; O loving Babe,
Thy Festival divine,
Thy aid we need; Thy Glorious Light
Oh, may it ever shine,
Pray help us in our duty
What’er that task may be,
And may we love Thee ever
Unto eternity.
‘Tis Christmas time; O gentle Babe,
Thy Festival once more,
Pray keep the Faith in Irish homes
And on them blessings pour,
May every Christian heart be true
To thee, dear Babe; our King,
May peace come soon to all the world
While Christmas joy bells ring.
P. McCormack.
Leinster Leader, 22/12/1945, p.4.
Long ago, one winter’s night,
The air without was cold,
Mary and Joseph shelter sought,
The Inns are full, they’re told.
They travelled on in silence
But One was ever near
To bless their Divine Mission,
And tho’ sad, they did not fear.
They found a cave-a stable
And with oxen resting there,
The Babe was born, the King of Kings,
Yes, in a manger bare.
The shepherds came, adoring Him,
Great joy their hearts did fill,
Angels sang Glory to God on High
Peace on earth to men of good will.
And there the gentle Joseph,
With Mary Mother mild,
Are moved with deep devotion
As they tend their loving Child.
A tender Babe, but yet a King,
A star His presence told,
The Wise Men came, their gifts to bring
Of frankincense, myrrh and gold.
O Blessed by Thy Holy Name,
Our Babe, Our Lord, Our King,
All praise and all thanksgiving
While Christmas joy-bells ring.
Patrick McCormack
From the Leinster Leader - Two poems by Paddy McCormack of Kildare and a report on a School Concert performed at the Presentation Convent. 

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