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November 08, 2006


The Civil War Monument at Grey Abbey has been restored by the National Graves Association

The Civil War Monument erected by the National Graves Association in 1940 at Grey Abbey has been beautifully restored to its former glory. The surrounds have also been cleaned and chippings added to the grave to complete the restoration. The work was finished last week by Annette Emerson from Laois. She was engaged by Matt Doyle of the National Graves Association after being contacted by the Grey Abbey Conservation Project regarding the condition of the grave earlier this year. The National Graves Association paid for the restoration of the monument and the cleanup of the grave and earlier this year co-funded, with Kildare Tidy Towns, the restoration of the railings around the civil war monument on the Market Square. They hope to have a small ceremony in December 2006 in Kildare Town in honour of the men executed in 1922 and to mark the work done this year.

The Grey Abbey Conservation Project would like to gratefully thank them for their efforts and their commitment to their work, not just in Kildare but throughout the country.

The monument was erected to commemorate the seven I.R.A. Volunteers executed at the Curragh on the 18 December 1922. Their bodies were initially buried at the Curragh but they were re-interred in Grey Abbey in 1924. A moument was erected on the Market Square in 1935 and another at Grey Abbey in 1940 to mark the grave.

Photos from 12 April 2004


Civil War Grave.jpg


Civil War Monument.jpg


Photos from Monday 6 November 2006


Civil War Monument 6 Nov 06 72dpi.JPG

Civil War Mon closeup 6 Nov 06 72dpi.JPG

The Civil War Monument at Grey Abbey has been restored by the National Graves Association

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