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June 12, 2006

Sean Lemass at Cill Dara Golf Club - 1 Sept. 1940

Leinster Leader 7/9/1940, p.6.
            The competitions organised by the Committee of the Cill-Dara Golf Club took place on Sunday last. The following members from the various clubs in Co. Kildare and Dublin availed themselves of the invitations. All the competitors were entertained to luncheon after the morning competition, and the day’s proceedings were terminated when up to seventy sat down to dinner in the Club Pavilion at 9.30 p.m.
            Mr. Sean Lemass (Minister for Supplies), Mr. Jerry Owens, Mr. Noel McCauly, Mr. C. W. Chambers, Mr. W. Towell, Mr. P. L. Flanagan, Mr. D. McDowell, Skerries; Mr. Emmett Dalton (Hon. Sec.), Mr. M. P. Byrne, Mr. Noel Cuddy, Mr. E. Doran, Mr. J. Conroy, Mr. A. O’Malley, Mr. C. Smirke, Mr. K. J. Duggan, Mr. P. Powell, Mr. A. W. Briscoe, Mr. E. M. Quirke, Mr. E. Harcourt Wood, Mr. George Mullen, Mr. Joe Canty (Captain), Hermitage; Mr. C. J. Mullan, Mr. John Hanlon, Mr. L. King French, Mr. J. D. Woods, Portmarnock; Mr. Phil Murphy, Mr. D. J. Toohig, Mr. J. Lenehan, Mr. W. McConnell, Mr. D. O’Reilly, Mr. B. J. Scannell, Woodbrook; Mr. H. W. Colthurst, Mr. C. Armstrong, Malahide; Mr. J. Tunney, Mr. P. J. Kavanagh, Milltown, Mr. Aidan Bailey, Bray, Mr. T. E. Kerrigan, Mr. J. Carbury, Mr. J. G. O’Neill, Mr. H. D. Prim, Athy; Mr. M. C. Collins, Curragh; Dr. J. D. McCormack, Lieut. W. Donagh, Lieut. D. Murphy, Mr. F. M. Burke, Mr. C. M. Burke, Mr. D. F. Coady, Mr. F. Cosgrove, Mr. H. O. Darling, Mr. C. Faichney, Cill-Dara.
            Nine Holes Foursome-1, Mr. J. Owens (plus 2), Skerries and Mr. Noel McCauley (12), Skerries, 36, 2½ , 33½; 2, Mr. D. F. Coady (7), Cill-dara, and Mr. C. M. Burke (18), Cill-Dara, 41, 6¼, 34¾.
Eighteen Holes Fourball v. Bogey-Mr. Noel Cuddy (7), Hermitage, and Mr. E. Doran (10), Hermitage, 8 up; Mr. J. Owens (plus 2), Skerries, and. Mr. Noel McCauley (12), Skerries, 8 up; Mr. A. O’Malley (7), Hermitage, and Mr. C. Smirke (10), Hermitage, 8 up.
The following members of the Club were in charge of the arrangements–Mr. John Doyle, President; Mr. Chas. Burke, Vice-President; Mr. M. P. Murphy, Captain; Mr. Flor Burke, Vice-Captain; Mr. M. F. Murphy, Hon. Sec.; Mr. W. Whelan, Mr. J. A. McCullagh, Mr. J. J. Cosgrove, V.S.
The Captain and Vice-Captain, in their speeches, having thanked the visitors for their attendance. Mr. Sean Lemass, in his reply, paid a very high tribute to the organising committee for the splendid condition of the course and the excellent way the arrangements were carried out; he also complimented the Ladies’ Committee on the splendid way the catering was accomplished.                     Dr. J. D. McCormack, Mr. Joe Canty and Mr. A. W. Briscoe also returned thanks on behalf of the visitors.

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IN 1936 a small working committee consisting of Rev. T. Kennedy, C.C., Dr. O’Driscoll, Messrs. J. J. Conlon, C. Houlihan and John Fitzpatrick, with the approval of Father Kane, P.P., purchased 8 acres at Crockanure as a recreation and Gaelic Sports field for the parishioners of Kildare. The grounds were purchased on behalf of the Parochial trustees, in whom they were vested, and were blessed and opened by Very Rev. Father Kane, P.P., and named St. Brigid’s Park. The opening match was Kildare v. Laois in Football. Towards the end of 1937, the old Electricity Supply Station was for sale and again with Father Kane’s warm approval, was purchased by the committee as a recreation centre for the men and youths of the town and district. A branch of the C.Y.M.S. was formed, with the following as the first committee: Spiritual Director,Father Kennedy, C.C.; President,Mr. C. J. Bergin; Vice-President,Dr. O’Driscoll; Secretary,Mr. John Fitzpatrick; Treasurer,Mr. C. Houlilian. Messrs. J. J. Conlan, Ml. Corry, Jas. Heffernan, Wm. Gannon, J. McGrath, J. Jones, M. Murphy and Phil Hopkins. One of the first tasks of the new Branch was to convert the old Power House into a suitable meeting hall with recreation room for the accommodation of the new Branch. In 1943 Father Kennedy was appointed C.C. Rathangan, and was replaced by Rev. Wm. Kinsella, C.C. In 1947 the Society was deeply grieved at the death of their beloved pastor, Father Kane, P. P., who had been a kind Father to them. They joined in the warm welcome to his successor, Father Foynes, P.P., and when a suitable opportunity arose, a deputation from the C.Y.M.S. with his permission waited on him and discussed the possibility of erecting a Parochial Hall which would cater for the social, cultural, and recreational needs of the parishioners. Father Foynes promised and gave his wholehearted support. With the cordial approval of the Bishop, the Branch undertook the heavy task of providing a Hall that would be worthy of Kildare. The foundation of the new Hall was blessed by Father Foynes in the summer of 1949. Under the constant and competent leadership of the President, Mr. J. J. Conlan, many willing hands supplied voluntary labour, and soon the new building was roofed. The interior fittings, electric light and heating, decorations, maple floor, all of the best quality, soon followed. The total cost was about £6,500. On Sunday, 2nd, July, 1950, his Lordship blessed and opened the Hall. The present Com­mittee are Spiritual Directors,Rev. P. Mac Suibne, P.P., and Rev. W. Kinsella, C.C.; President,Mr. J. J. Conlan; Vice-Presidenl President – sic],Mr. Joseph Canty; Secretary,Mr. M. Fleming; Treasurer,Mr. P. McCormack; also Mr. James Holohan, Chairman, Diocesan Council; Messrs. Wm. Gannon, Ml. Butler, Jas. Dempsey, J. McCullough, Patk. Hopkins, John Boland, H. D. Swift, Patrick Hennessy. A past Secretary of the Branch is H. D. Swift, and a past Treasurer is Dr. O’Driscoll.
The present membership is 250. The following are the sub committees through which the activities are carried on, with their Chairman or representatives: Hall—John Boland; Rosary-Patk. McCormack and John Boland; Band-Wm. Gannon; Billiards-Joseph Canty and Frank Ryan; Cards—H. D. Swift and Patk. Hennessy; Ath­letics—Jas. Morrissey; Catering—Patk. Morrissey ; Bad­minton—Frank Ryan.
                The present County Hospital is shown on Henry Walker’s map of the Curragh of 1807, and marked “Infirmary, now a Barrack.” It served as an infirmary for many years in the last century and was closed for some time before its re-opening in 1902 under the care of three Sisters of St. John of God, and under a local committee which. included the Parish Priest, Mrs. Parkinson, Mrs. More O’Ferrall. The late Mr. C. Bergin was Hon. Secretary. In 1942 the hospital was taken over by the Board of Health.

Chapter 18 Parts 4 and 5 of the An Tostal Souvenir programme of 1953 are dedicated to the C.Y.M.S. with a brief note on the County Hospital. The latter building is now the Curragh Lodge Hotel.

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June 07, 2006


THE Brothers of the Christian Schools, or the De la Salle Brothers, as they are familiarly known in Ireland, were founded by St. John Baptist De la Salle in Rheims, France, in 1680. The Order and their work spread and at the present time the Brothers teach 420,000 pupils in 64 countries throughout the world.
In 1881 the De la Salle Brothers opened their Irish Novitiate in Castletown, Leix. Three years afterwards they were invited to teach in Kildare by the Very Rev. Dr. Kavanagh, P.P. A residence was built for the Brothers by William Lee, Esq. in 1884, and the school was built by his brother, Michael. Here the Brothers laboured successfully till the morning of December 8th, 1917, when the school took fire accidentally and, with the furniture and equipment, was destroyed. The school was temporarily housed in the old Carmelite Church. Reconstruction followed, and after Easter, 1919, both pupils and teachers resumed their work in the present fine building. With its roll-call of 230 pupils, St. Brigid’s Monastery School has become the Alma Mater of many Kildare boys, associating them with the pupils, past and present, of the Brothers’ other 42 schools in Ireland.
             About 1915 the need of a Secondary School for Kildare and its neighbourhood became imperative. A beginning was made in that year under the Superiorship of Rev. Brother Alfred and with the approval of Father Campion, P.P., the new school was placed under the patronage of St. Joseph and became known as St. Joseph’s Academy. The number of pupils so increased that by 1938 the building of a new, larger and more up-to-date building was necessary. On 16th January, 1939, St. Joseph’s Academy moved into its present spacious premises. The new Academy was blessed by Very Rev. Father Kane, P.P., who then cele­brated Mass in it in the presence of the pupils and their teachers.

Chapter 18 Part 3 of the An Tostal Programme of 1953 is dedicated to the De La Salle Brothers and St. Joseph's Academy.

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June 01, 2006


Caring for God’s Acre
Keadeen Hotel, Newbridge,
Thursday 15th June 2006
The aims of this seminar are to provide the participants with a knowledge of the main provisions of legislation, policy and procedure relating to the graveyards and to offer advice to those caring for or maintaining graveyards. There is no charge for this seminar but places are limited so booking is essential.
To book please complete this booking form (available through Bridget Loughlin) and return by Thursday 8th June to:
Bridget Loughlin
Heritage Of. cer, Kildare County Council, Áras Chill Dara,
Devoy Park, Naas, Co Kildare.
Tel: 045 980791, email:
This seminar also hopes to promote best practice in the management of natural, built and cultural heritage in historic graveyards and to raise awareness of the diverse heritage contained in these graveyards. This is an action of the County Kildare Heritage Plan 2005-2009
9.30-10.10 Registration
10.00-10.10 Welcome by Ger Smith, Chairman of County
Kildare Heritage Forum
10.10-10.40 "Graveyard Management Legislative
Framework & Archaeological Considerations"
Victor Buckley, National Monuments Section,
Dept of Environment, Heritage & Local Government
10.40-11.10 "Graveyards Full of life" -Ecology of Graveyards
Eanna Ni Lamhna, Freelance Botanist & Journalist
11.10-11.40 Tea/Coffee
11.40-12.10 "Conservation of Architectural & Ecclesiastical Ruins"
JohnCronin & Associates
12.10-12.40 "Symbols of Death- Recording Graveyard Memorials" -
Offaly Graveyard Recording Project
Amanda Pedlow, Offaly Heritage Officer
12.40-1.00 Open forum – Questions and Answers,
Chaired by Cllr. Seamus Moore
This free seminar is sponsored by Kildare County Council &
The Heritage Council.

A seminar on the care and conservation of graveyards will be held on the 15 June 2006 in the Keadeen Hotel. It is organised by the Co. Kildare Heritage Officer, Bridget Loughlin, and is an action of the County Kildare Heritage Plan. The event is sponsored by Kildare Co. Council and the Heritage Council.

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