August 11, 2005


If you or your committee or organisation have infromation you need to publicise relating to Kildare Town then why not email me at

Tonight I attended a meeting of interested parties to look at the possibility of a ‘LAUNCH’ or re-launching of Kildare Town as a place to live, work, visit and shop. It was almost immediately recognised that much of the work to be done would impact on work being done by other established committees such as Kildare Town Development Association and Kildare Town Tourism Task Force. Kildare Town does not necessarily need another committee but possibly a strengthening of some of the committees already in existence or a re-focusing of efforts to improve the profile of the town and tackle the issue of a ‘sense of place.’ It was decided that while it was important to continue the efforts already made it would be best served for this group to act as a sub-committee of Kildare Town Development Association, itself an umbrella organisation which represents various committees and organisations with an interest in re-vitalising the image of Kildare Town and protecting the interests of the town and its citizens.
It was decided that the town and the interests of its population might be positively represented by access to a website and a newsletter to publicise forthcoming events, existing services and organisations, as well as providing an outlet for public opinion and commentary. To this end The Grey Abbey Conservation Project have offered to host community elements on its website for the immediate future to gauge the requirements of the people of Kildare and to examine how best this local community information can be accessed via the web.
I will be creating new categories for the site – YEARLY CALENDAR to highlight local events throughout the year; COMMUNITY INFORMATION, which can operate as a local services directory, and NEWS ABOUT TOWN, which will serve to keep the people of the town up to date with what is going on. The success of the site will depend on the response of local groups and their committees to supply information to me at on a regular basis.
Presently I add material weekly to the site and because of work and other commitments this will probably continue for the foreseeable future. Usually I put material up on the site on Sundays so if an event or item of news needs to be publicised then the material has to be sent at least a week prior to the event.
Should this experiment prove successful then the possibility of establishing a Kildare Town website can be explored.
The Grey Abbey Conservation Project has hitherto used the website to publish historical and heritage material related to Kildare Town but is interested in promoting Kildare Town in a positive manner.
All editorial decisions will rest with me until such time as a proper framework for accessing community information can be established and a suitable editorial board or editor can be chosen for that information.
Mario Corrigan
Chairman, Grey Abbey Conservation Project, 11 Aug. 2005.

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