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June 21, 2005


The following article from the Leinster Leader of August 1901 tells of an amusing case which appeared before the court at Kildare Town.

Leinster Leader 24/8/1901 p. 8

A “DEAF AND DUMB” MUTE……………………..
On Wednesday week last Constable Thomas Grady made a very clever arrest at Kildare. It appears that on the previous evening an old man, who signed himself Peter O’Brien, was begging around the town and presented a letter to several shopkeepers, which stated that he was deaf and dumb and a cooper by trade, but at the time out of employment. Constable Grady watched this “gentleman” and noticed that in a couple of shops he asked for rum, and on the following morning he caught him tendering the letter above mentioned. He thereupon placed him under arrest and on being brought before Mr Medlicott, J P, O’Brien was sentenced to three month’s imprisonment. During the hearing of the charge the man pretended to be deaf and dumb but after sentence was passed he was told by the magistrate that he might don his hat, which he did. On returning to barracks he asked the police at what time the train would start, which would take him to gaol. He informed the police that he had been 180 times convicted for the said offence. It will be remembered that about three years ago the same culprit was arrested by Constable Grady at Monasterevan, for a similar offence, and was sentenced to three months. The “mute” is a native of Clare. His real name is Michael McNamara.

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