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Education in County Kildare

Second Level - Economics

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Economics - Leaving Cert

On this page you will find economics resources for teachers and pupils in second level education. Sites listed here will be a useful resource for economics classes.

Ordinary and higher level students cover the same course content, but higher level students will be expected to have a wider knowledge and deeper understanding of it.

  1. To give students a general picture and an understanding of economic activities, patterns and principles.

  2. To develop the capacity to apply these principles and to help them transfer this knowledge to new situations

  3. To develop an interest in everyday economics

  4. To provide a suitable basis for further study of the subject.

Introduction to Economics

Production and Consumption: Resources, Production units, Scale of Production

Economic System and Economic Thought: Historical Outline, Types of Economies

Demand and Supply: Concept of a market, Consumer Demand, Supply

Price and Output: Perfect Competition, Monopoly Conditions, Imperfect Competition and Oligopoly

Factor Incomes: Demand for Factors, Rent, Wages, Trade Unions, Interest, Profit

Determination of National Income and its Fluctuations

Money and Banking: Functions, Types of Money, Banks, Creation of Credit, Central banks, Control of Money, Demand For and Supply of Money, National and International Financial Institutions

The Government in the Economy: Economic Role, Government Finance Government Government Income, Government Expenditure, The Budget

Inflation: Measurement of Prices, Deflation

International Trade and Payments: Theory of International Trade, Free Trade, Institutions, Restrictions, Terms of Trade, Exchange Rates, Revaluation/Devaluation, Balance of Trade and Balance of Payments

Economics of Population: Size, Composition and Trends, The Labour Force, Employment

Economic Growth and Development: Relative Income Levels, Disparities, Economic Planning, Growth, The Environment, The Irish Experience

Economic Policies, Problems and Conflicts


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