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Education in County Kildare

Primary - Art

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Art - An Introduction

On this page you will find arts resources for teachers and pupils in primary education. Some of the sites listed below have tremendous resources for art classes.

Primary Arts education consists of:
  • Music
  • Visual Arts
  • Drama

It engages children in artistic expression and emphasises the creative process.

Visual Arts consists of Drawing, Clay, Paint & Colour, Construction, Print, and Fabric & Fibre

Children can experiment with a range of stimulating materials such as pencils, paint, crayons, papier máché, clay, card and wool.

Other materials which are less often associated with visual arts can include old clothes, polystyrene or buttons; and natural objects, such as stones, feathers or twigs in a variety of colours and textures.

Music consists of Listening and Responding, Performing, and Composing. Children can listen and respond to a wide range of musical styles and traditions, including the many forms of Irish music.

Responses include moving, dancing, illustrating, story telling, discussing or making a drama.

Song singing is a central aspect of the music curriculum and children will be introduced to music reading and writing in small steps, and the playing of classroom instruments. Children will be encouraged to create their own simple compositions.

Drama is life itself and involves things children experience, imagine or read about ,aspects of life from the past, present or possible future, and children's needs, preoccupations and concerns.

Students Work

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