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Education in County Kildare

Primary - Physical Education

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Physical Education - Introduction

On this page you will find Physical Education Resources for teachers and pupils in primary education. Some of the sites listed below are a useful guides for Physical Education classes.

This is a resource for teachers, parents and of course the children that are involved in Physical Education in primary schools in County Kildare, Ireland. All submissions and suggestions for this section of the site are most welcome.

Physical Education is divided into six areas, namely Athletics, Games, Dance, Outdoor & Adventure Activities, Gymnastics, and Aquatics

Athletics incorporates a broad range of running, jumping and throwing activities.

Dance encourages children to improve body management skills, understand movement, and work with others.

Gymnastics focuses on body actions such as jumping, turning, swinging and balancing and with the control and management of body movements in increasingly challenging situations.

Games enable children to appreciate and enjoy games as participants and spectators.

Outdoor and Adventure Activities includes walking, cycling, orienteering and other outdoor challenges.

Aquatics involves not only teaching children how to swim but also promoting enjoyment of water-based activities.

Physical Education encourages children to pursue healthy lifestyles and develop positive attitudes towards physical activity.


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