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Education in County Kildare

Primary - Geography

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Geography - An Introduction

On this page you will find Geography Resources for teachers and pupils in primary education. Some of the sites listed below are a tremendous resource for Geography classes.

Geography is part of the Social, Environmental, and Scientific Education Curriculum. This is a resource for teachers, parents and of course the children that wish to study Geography in primary schools in County Kildare, Ireland. All submissions and suggestions for this section of the site are most welcome.

Geography enables children to learn about the natural and human elements of local and wider environments, especially Human environments, Natural environments and Environmental awareness.

Children can be made aware of a sense of place and space. Maps, globes and other graphical skills can be demonstrated.

Children can be introduced to a broad range of local studies at all levels, and an awareness of environments in the county, in Ireland, Europe and the wider world can be shown.

Children can learn about the lives and environments of people in other countries and use scientific investigative skills in geography especially in the study of local environments. They can be encouraged to read, use and construct maps.

They can also be shown how to use graphs, charts, globes, atlases, photographs and electronic images.

The Internet and especially the World Wide Web is a great resource for fulfilling some of these goals.


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