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Education in County Kildare

Second Level - French

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French - Leaving Cert 

On this page you will find french resources for teachers and pupils in second level education. Sites listed here will be a useful resource for french classes.

Useful Links


Cactus French Courses
Cactus Language organises french language courses in France, Canada, London and Brighton for all ages and all levels

Fast and Friendly French for Fun
The Online Resource for Beginning French Students

Indo-European Languages
French tutorial site for learning the basics of the language and grammar. There is also more advanced tutorials for the more expierenced french student.

This site is is an excellent resource for both students and teachers. It can help students memorize vocabulary learnt in class and practise their grammar skills. It can also be used by teachers allowing them to view time spent by their students, their score, and progress.

Learn Languages Abroad
Provides information about language courses in Europe, in Spanish, French, German, Italian and how to earn college credits while experiencing life in another part of the world

The first french virtual community to be created on the Internet

Quia Web
Quia is pronounced key-ah, and is short for Quintessential Instructional Archive. Quia is the only Web site that lets you do the following: Create games and learning activities, create quizzes, create class pages, maintain an online schedule and calendar, and upload images and audio clips.

TennesseeBob's Famous French Links
including art, music, literature, books, tv and much more

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