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Education in County Kildare



This section will focus on issues relating to Primary Education.

The Primary School Curriculum

Primary Teaching MaterialsThe Primary School Curriculum has recently been revised and it marks a very significant development in the history of primary education. It is the culmination of many years' work by all the partners in education.

This Curriculum is a detailed interpretation of the recommendations of the Review Body on the Primary Curriculum (1990). It reflects the thinking and aspirations of the National Convention on Education (1994), the White Paper on Education, Charting our Education Future (1995) and the Education Act (1998).

The Primary School Curriculum was developed by the NCCA and launched in 1999.

General Aims of Primary Education
Main Features of Primary Education
Summary of Education Act 1998

Curriculum Implementation

All teachers are currently participating in a national programme of in-service for the Primary School Curriculum. The Primary Curriculum Support Programme (PCSP) provides teachers with curriculum support and the School Development Planning Support (Primary) provides teachers with curriculum planning support.

Curriculum Review

In September 2003, the NCCA initiated a programme of curriculum review at primary, which focused on the first three subjects for which teachers received in-service support, namely English, Visual Arts and Mathematics. The NCCA published a report on the first phase of review of the Primary School Curriculum in May 2005.

A curriculum book is provided for each of the 11 curriculum subjects, with accompanying Teacher Guidelines books and a general introduction. Electronic versions of these documents are available on the NCCA website.

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