A Handbook for Parents 2017-2018

Code of Discipline


In our school we value every students right to a quality education in a caring, safe and respectful environment. We strive to encourage personal excellence and aim to help our students become their best selves. Therefore, we have high and realistic expectations for our students.

Our Code of Conduct seeks to reflect and support these expectations. At all times we seek to encourage self discipline, respect and reason. Our hope is that the code will be not so much imposed, as followed because it is understood.

Every effort is made to encourage positive behaviour:

  • Positive verbal comments of praise and encouragement are given by teachers to students when the opportunity arises;
  • Teachers may record positive contributions and note these in the homework journal for parental signature;
  • An awards scheme is operated in the school which aims to give recognition to students' achievements in all areas and encourage excellence;
  • All teachers have a pastoral role. In addition to this, teachers in specific pastoral roles of Class Tutor, Year Head, Counsellor and Chaplain seek to support and encourage students.

The rules and sanction guidelines below outline expected behaviour and some usual steps taken when a rule is breached. However, it should be understood that it is impossible to anticipate every single unsafe action in any given context. Therefore, the school reserves the right to vary these procedures and sanctions, taking into account the particular circumstances of incidents, the individual record of students, the health and safety of students, and the rights of other students to learn and of teachers to teach, in a safe and respectful environment.

Formal Procedures
Students must uphold the school rules at all times and ensure that school is a safe and happy environment where people can learn together. Misbehaviour of any kind (breach of school rules, disrupting the learning of other students or endangering others by one's behaviour) must be dealt with in a way that encourages the offending student to improve their behaviour.

In addition to the sanctions listed in the following guidelines, the school has formal procedures that are designed to positively uphold and support the code of conduct. They are:

  • Official Detention.
  • Morning Detention for breach of punctuality or uniform rules.
  • Students may be put 'On Report.
  • Students may be detained by subject teachers.
  • Suspension.
  • Expulsion.

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