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B Company 3rd Infantry Battalion (B Coy) 

History of the 3 Infantry Battalion
On the 24th January 1923, the National Army Garrisons in a number of North-Western towns were declared by General Ristedrd Ua Maolchatha, The Commander-in-Chief to constitute the 3rd Infantry Battalion under the command of Comdt Bernard Sweeney. Its insignia represents its northern origins with the inclusion of the red hand of Ulster.  Eighty years later, that Unit continues to exist. Its duties have taken it's members throughout Ireland and abroad to the Congo, Cyprus, Lebanon, Yugoslavia and currently Afghanistan. "Through all those times and places an unshakeable tradition of cheerful, loyal and efficient service has been steadily built up, consistent with The Battalion motto Dilis go Bráth" - so wrote Col F.E. Lee (Retd) for An Cosantóir in February 1983 in Commemoration of the 60th Anniversary of the ‘Bloods’.

Current Status

The Headquarters of the 3 Infantry Battalion is located in Stephens Barracks, Kilkenny, since it amalgamated with the 30 Infantry Battalion in November 1998.  One company (B coy) of the battalion is in the Curragh in Defence Forces Reserve.  B Company is equiped with the new Mowag APC's. 
B Company as part of the DFTC provides the training and maintenance in the Defence Forces for the Mowag APC's


The Mowag APC 
The MOWAG Piranha III Armoured Personnel carrier (APC).  This is to military vehicles what Rolls Royce is to cars. There are few vehicles that can match it for mobility, protection and survivability.  This machine boasts third generation night vision capability, self inflating tyres. 


The Bloods

Dilis go Bráth



Defence Forces Training Centre 
Curragh Camp
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