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In January and February of 2000 Kildare County Council engaged in a series of information meetings around the county to inform community and voluntary groups on the setting up of the County Development Board & Strategic Policy Committees. 


These new bodies were being set up as part of the reform of local government. Part of the plan for this reform involved greater involvement for local groups in the future of their counties. Community and voluntary groups would be involved in these new bodies through a proposed Community and Voluntary Forum.

How did groups become involved?

Groups interested in becoming part of this new process were invited to join the Forum. An interim steering group was drawn from the groups who decided to become part of the Kildare Community and Voluntary Forum. This steering group drew up a set of guidelines for setting up the new Forum, which were agreed at a general Forum meeting in June 2000. During September and October 2000 Forum meetings were held to select representatives for the County Development Board, the Strategic Policy Committees and the executive of the Community and Voluntary Forum. At this stage nearly 600 groups from across the county are part of the Forum.

How does the Kildare Community and Voluntary Forum Operate?

The Executive Committee manage the day to day affairs of the forum. This work is supported by the Kildare County Council through the Office of the Director for Community and Entreprise.

The Executive has appointed five Officers and a number of sub-committees who bring proposals to the monthly Executive meetings.

Full Forum meetings take place twice a year and matters that need the consideration of the forum membership are discussed there. Elections for officers and other practical matters are dealt with by the full forum membership.

Members of the Executive serve on other bodies such as the Kildare Sports Partnership and the Kildare County Childcare Committee as well as being members of the sub committees of the Kildare County Development Board.


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