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September 30, 2010

Trainee Jockey Course To Go Ahead

The 2010/2011 Trainee Jockey course in the Racing Academy and Centre of Education (RACE) will now go ahead, commencing on Wednesday 6th October 2010. 

The postponement of the course had been announced earlier this month due to a review by FÁS of its structure and delivery. At a meeting yesterday (Tuesday 28th September 2010) between FÁS, Horse Racing Ireland, Kildare VEC and RACE the parties agreed a basis for the continuation of the course for 2010/2011. A longer-term review which will set out the basis for the future of the course will be carried out by all stakeholders in the coming months.

Commenting on the decision, RACE Director Keith Rowe said: ‘this is very good news for the students selected for the course who were understandably anxious about their plans for the year. We are now in a position to deliver the full course and look forward to welcoming our students next week.’

Horse Racing Ireland chief executive Brian Kavanagh said: ‘I welcome the fact that a resolution has been arrived at, which will maintain the continuity of this course and its outstanding national and international reputation’.

FÁS Director General Paul O’ Toole said ‘I am pleased that the 32 students can now take up their places on this valuable course and I wish them well in this regard. An agreement has been reached whereby a number of measures will be implemented by RACE and FÁS is satisfied that these measures enable the continuation of this training course in 2010/2011’.