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July 02, 2013

Patch Fiesta Championship boosted by new Rookie Cup

PatchThe recent introduction of a new budget saloon racing series, the Patch Tyre Equipment Fiesta Championship, has been Irish Motor Racings' success story of the year. Having only been conceived in late 2012 the series is already providing the biggest grids and most competitive racing of any Irish championship.

The formula of near standard cars with tightly controlled regulations and very strict policing has enticed drivers from a number of other series to take part, along with the biggest ever influx of new competitors to be created by a new class.

With such a wide variety of levels of experience on the grid, amongst the almost forty competitors, the organisers, Mondello Park, have decide to offer an additional incentive to new comers in the form of a Rookie Cup.

The format for the new championship within a championship, will see all drivers nominated by the organisers as rookies, compete for separate championship points, race awards and end of season awards. Rookies will continue to score points in the overall series, if they can finish high enough up the overall race results and scoring in the overall series will not effect their ability to collect points in the Rookie division.

The addition of the Rookie Cup will add an extra incentive for new competitors to get involved and will increase the rewards for those who already have. This latest initiative will increase the popularity of the series still further and should see grids grow beyond the forty mark, a number which the series almost achieved at the recent Mondello 45 event.

For information on becoming involved in the Patch Tyres Fiesta Championship see