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January 18, 2008

Mondello Track Team Opens Doors to New Members


Mondello Park Logo The newly introduced Mondello Park Track Team, which will provide personnel for many key positions at the circuits Car Race events, is seeking additional members. The innovative new initiative is designed to create a single team of people who will look after not only circuit marshalling, but also many of the other facets of race organisation including paddock, grids, timekeeping and results.

The creation of the Track Team coincides with Mondello Park assisting the clubs by providing key race control personnel at events, in order to bring consistency and some improvement to the standards of race organisation at the circuit. With race control staff, event administration, marshalling and vehicle recovery staff all effectively part of the same team, a more harmonious and effective working environment is expected to transform race organisation at the circuit.

The Track Team will be split into two sections, on-track and off-track. The on–track members will perform all of the traditional marshalling duties such as incident and flag marshalling as well as crewing the new Mazda Fast Intervention Vehicles. Training will be provided and a grading scheme will ensure that there is a definite path of promotion through the ranks for those who wish to pursue it. Off-Track duties will include all aspects of the administration of an event from sign-on, through paddock assembly and grids, in addition to operating the computerised timing system and assisting in race control.

Membership of the Track Team is open to anyone with a Motorsport interest who is over sixteen for off-track duties or over eighteen for on-track. Members are expected to come initially from existing marshalling organisations and event organisation clubs but with a wide variety of positions to be filled and duties to be performed, the club is also expected to attract many members who are new to the sport.

Traditionally marshals and officials have provided their time on a voluntary basis and while this will continue to be the case, a comprehensive system of rewards and incentives will mean that in future all participants will be much better rewarded for their efforts. To encourage new members who may not have their own transport, efforts will be made to find other team members or competitors in their area who can assist them.

Speaking about the new Track team Mondello Park Managing Director John Morris said “The Mondello Track Team will be a dynamic and exciting part of the race organisation at Mondello Park Car Racing events in 2008 and beyond. It will offer the circuit and the organising clubs the opportunity to deliver Motor Racing in a more consistent and professional manner, which will be for the benefit of competitors and spectators alike.”

Anyone interested in finding out more about “Track Team” can contact the Mondello Park office or access more comprehensive information on the home page of the Mondello Park web site