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November 29, 2013

Mondello Park Launches Christmas Drift-Jam Matsuri

driftjamDrift fans starved of sideways action during the winter months, now have a new event to look forward to during the Christmas break. Mondello Park will host the first ever Drift-Jam Matsuri, a single day Drift festival on Sunday December 29th. The event will feature Pro and Street Drift Cars on two separate Drift Tracks, and a Drifting demonstration by some of the best drivers from the Irish Drift Championship.

Matsuri is the Japanese word for Festival and Drift-Jam Matsuri promises to be just that, as there will be more simultaneous drifting action to watch than at any previous Irish event. Cars will run on the National Track and on a separate circuit on the International Loop and it will be hard to know where to look with so much Drifting going on.

The event will run in two sections. The morning will see two groups of 'Street' Cars drifting on the National Track while two groups of 'Pro' Cars will alternate on the International Loop. In the afternoon the groups will swap, with the Pro's now providing the entertainment on the main track. As the climax of the afternoon, Ireland's top Drifters will be invited to Drift past the Grandstand and through Ford corner, with the driver getting the biggest cheer of the day receiving a special award.

Entries to Drift-Jam Matsuri are open to Amateur and Pro Drifters, with both competition and non-competition cars accepted. Cars will run in groups, alternating on track in 15 or 20 minute sessions and all drivers should get five sessions during the day. Spectators are welcome and those attending will be treated to the most intense days Drifting ever to take place at Mondello Park.

Spaces are limited and pre-booking is advised. Booking in advance will ensure that drivers secure a space in their preferred session and will also save them money. Spaces booked in advance will be charged at €99.00 and this will include the driver and two spectators, those booking on the day will be charged €119. Spectator admission will be €10, with no additional charge for Grandstand seating.

For more info on Mondello Park's Drift-Jam Matsuri see