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July 05, 2012

Mondello Car Track Day July 15th & Training July 11th

Track Day training The first Mondello Park Car Track Day Training Course for some time will be run on Wednesday July 11th. The course will run in the afternoon only and a limited number of spaces are now available for booking.

The July 11th date is perfectly timed for anyone thinking of giving Track Day driving a go, as it falls just four days before our next Track Day. Completing a Training Course is the best way to get started in Car Track Day driving and offers expert tuition as well as a chance to get a feel for what goes into preparation for and taking part in a track day.

Track Day Training is not compulsory before doing a track day but it will teach you more in one afternoon than you may ever learn trying to teach yourself during your track sessions.
During a training course, classroom sessions are combined with practical on-track instruction driving your own car. The day is then completed by a twenty minute open track day session where you can put your new skills and knowledge to the test in a controlled and supervised environment under the watchful eye of our instructors.

Our Track Day Training days are priced at just €50 as their primary purpose is to encourage more drivers to take part in track days at Mondello Park. The course takes just three hours to complete. Prospective participants need to be at least eighteen years of age with a full driving license and must have their own car. For normal track days each driver is required to provide their own crash helmet but due to the introductory nature of the training days, Mondello Park will provide these free of charge for the day. Unlike a full Car Track Day passengers are not allowed and race cars of any type will not be permitted.


14:00 - 17:30, Only €50

To book your space contact 045-860200 or




Open car Track day The next Car Track Day on the Mondello Park calendar is set for Sunday July 15th. The day will be an 'Open' day run on the International Track layout.

Having run alongside the Trackday Performance Time-Attack championship on Bank-Holiday dates since March, the next Track Day date will be the first stand alone event event since January. Being on a Sunday, the lower, non bank holiday, prices of €100 for a half-day and €165 for a full-day will apply.

Full day, along with Half Day Morning and Half-Day Afternoon sessions are available and advance booking while not compulsory is of course the best way to secure your space.
1/2 Day €100 - Full Day €165

To book your space contact 045-860200 or