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July 13, 2012

Barrel Sprint Arrives in Ireland for Mondello Jap-Fest

barrel-sprint Ireland’s biggest annual Modified Car show 'Mondello Jap-Fest' is set to feature the country's first professionally run 'Barrel Sprint' with the arrival of the UK's biggest Barrel Sprint series organisers, Fueltopia. Jap-Fest is Ireland’s only festival of Japanese Motoring and Motorsport and this year the show takes place on Sunday September 9th.

The Fueltopia Barrel Sprint (FBS) is an affordable entry into motorsport and is a cross between drag racing and drifting. It’s new, exciting and focuses on driver skill and technique rather than overall speed allowing anyone with a car to enter. For 'Jap-Fest', FBS will bring their top UK driver and are inviting Irish drivers to take part and see if they can beat the best.

Barrel sprinting requires a driver to slalom through a straight line of barrels performing a doughnut around each one before continuing to the next. Once the barrels have been successfully negotiated the clock stops when the driver crosses the finish line. For the 2012 Jap-Fest the Barrel Sprint will replace Drag racing on the programme as the only competitive track event open to the public to enter.

Entries to the Barrel sprint will be limited to fifteen drivers . Competitors must apply to Mondello Park for a place in the competition and must include a picture of their car and some details on themselves and their competition experience, if any. Mondello Park and FBS will choose the best fifteen applicants and they will be invited to enter and go head to head with current UK championship leader Robert White.

The Barrel sprint will line-up alongside the Prodrift International Drift event and the final round of the 2012 Trackday Performance Time-Attack championship as the main Jap-Fest track activity. The competition will be held in front of the Mondello Park grand stand giving drivers the chance to show their skills directly in front of the biggest car event crowd of the season.

For information on how to enter the Fueltopia Barrel Sprint at Mondello Jap-Fest, along with information on all other aspects of the show go to

Information on FBS can be found at or on youtube.