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September 14, 2010

Badminton Coaching & Training Academy Launch

On Sunday October 3rd, 2010, the first Badminton Coaching & Training Academy is being officially launched in Ireland in Kilcullen Community Centre in Kilcullen, Co.Kildare. The Academy is to be named UNO BADMINTON ACADEMY under the directorship of Claire Flood. Claire is an ex Irish International player, the first Irish woman to qualify for World Singles Championships 2005 in U.S.A. & Top 80 players in World Singles. Sha has been a qualified coach since 2002.

The main centre will be in Kilcullen Community Centre, which has 4 courts. The regional centres will be in Dublin, Wexford & Sligo.

The aims of UBA:

  1. To deliver programmes which will enhance player development & skills throughout the UBA structure.
  2. To brand & market badminton & maximise opportunities for players exposure to nutrition & sports psychology programmes etc.
  3. To provide a quality training environment to maximise players potential at all levels.
  4. UBA will host the following events throughout the year-
    • Team Events
    • Blitzes
    • Tournaments - Home & Abroad
    • Training Camps
    • Exhibitions

We currently have the following sponsors on Board:

1) Victor Sports: They are a global leader in Badminton, Squash and Tennis. More than 100 players all over Europe are sponsored by Victor.

2) DataSolutions: They have been supplying, supporting and serving the IT Channel in Ireland with solutions from world leading vendors since 1991.

On the day of the launch we will have an exhibition match with Senior Irish International players & a Juvenile team event. Attending the launch will be local politicians, personalities from the world of sport and all our sponsors plus celebrity guests.