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March 19, 2013

Adelaide Masters Series Offers Attractive Package to Riders

adelaide-masters Heading into its third season and with continued backing from Motorcycle Insurance Specialists Adelaide Insurance, the Adelaide Masters Series is now firmly established as the premier Irish Motorcycle Racing championship, offering Riders the most attractive package of promotion and prize money in Irish Motorcycle Sport.

With Television coverage on UTV set to continue, negotiations continuing with other TV outlets and a dedicated Adelaide Masters Series web site imminent, the championship now offers Riders committing to the series an even more attractive arena in which to promote themselves and their sponsors.

Bucking the trend in other championships, prize money continues to be a major part of Adelaide Masters Series events, and the 2013 series' awards will continue at the same level as last year. The biggest change will be the removal of the Grand Final from three of the four Mondello Park events, and the transfer of the prize money to the last Superbike and Supersport championship race of the weekend. This will have the effect of allowing riders to win a similar level of prize money to 2012 without the added expense of competing in another race.

The prize fund will be distributed evenly across the Superbike and Supersport classes. Cheques will be presented for each race rather than for the combined results, as was the norm in previous years, while for the last Championship race of the weekend the amount on offer for first place will almost treble. There will be a separate prize fund for Cup competitors and this too will increase for the last race of the weekend. The Cup competitors are also eligible to win some of the main prize fund if they can manage to finish in the top positions overall.

With its mix of promotion, professional organisation, entertaining race events and prize fund, the Adelaide Masters Series continues to offer Irish Motorcycle racers and outstanding opportunity to build their careers before expanding into International competition. With the top two riders from last years series set to graduate to bigger things for 2013, the way is now open for some the next generation of stars to come to the fore. There are plenty of riders queuing up to take up the reins and an even more exciting season than 2012 is definitely in prospect.