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September 20, 2012

Where are the walls of Castledermot?

Heritage Council Castledermot Local History group along with the Heritage Council and Kildare County Council have commissioned Howley Hayes Architects to prepare a conservation, management and interpretation plan for the town walls of Castledermot.

The walls of Castledermot can be dated to a murage grant which was bestowed on the town in 1295 to build the walls to provide defences for the town. The wall was likely to have been completed by 1302 and has given Castledermot it’s distinctive lozenge shape. Access to the town was via three gates; the Dublin gate to the north, the Carlow gate to the west and the Tullow gate to the south. Today, however, little of the Town Wall remains.

The purpose of the plan is to establish the location, quantify the length and nature of any remaining sections of the walls. The plan will provide advice on how to best interpret, conserve and maintain the walls and how to promote the heritage of the Castledermot and in particular the walls.

The consultants preparing the plan shall be conducting a survey of the potential location of the walls and their condition in the coming weeks.

For more information on the project please contact Bridget Loughlin, Heritage Officer with Kildare County Council at