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April 05, 2011

RTÉ Genealogy Roadshow at Carton House on Sun May 29th


  • Do you think you might be related to someone famous or infamous?
  • Could you be connected to a big event in local history?
  • Or do you need to solve a family secret?


Genealogist John Grenham with Derek Mooney The Genealogy Roadshow is a brand new series for RTÉ Television presented by Derek Mooney and it is coming to Carton House, near Maynooth, Co. Kildare on Sunday May 29th 2011, from 12.30pm.

The Roadshow’s crack historical and genealogical team will help people find extraordinary stories in their family as well as giving free advice on how to track down a family history. This is a wonderful opportunity to meet with experts in the field and fill in the blanks revealing the true story of your ancestors. 

The Genealogy Roadshow is looking for people from Co. Kildare who are interested in finding the missing pieces in their family tree, to be featured in the programme.

If you think you fit the bill, or would just like to attend the Roadshow, Big Mountain Productions want to hear from you.

You can submit family information by filling in the online form at
Be sure to include your stories, letters, photographs, birth certificates, and details of heirlooms that might be useful.

The series is being produced by Big Mountain productions for RTÉ. Please feel free to contact them at 086 237 5499 or