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February 16, 2011

Kildare County Council Community Heritage Grant Scheme

The Kildare County Council Community Heritage Grant scheme is accepting applications for projects.

Closing date Friday 18th March 2011. Groups who are considering organising a Heritage Event during Heritage week might consider this grant scheme.

see here for Application form:


Eligible Projects & Activities
Gathering Heritage Data
The objective of this scheme is to provide assistance for data collection and research relating to Kildare’s heritage. Here are some examples of possible projects:

  • Archaeological and wildlife field survey to inform a graveyard management scheme

  • Conservation report on a stained glass window

  • Assessing the conservation needs of a particular object or collection.

Heritage Management
The objective of this scheme is to support projects that apply good heritage practice in managing sites, collections, objects etc:

  • Conservation planning and habitat (or wildlife site) management

  • Conservation of heritage collections and objects, including documents

  • Works to ensure the survival of a heritage building or structure, under a management plan that applies good practice in building conservation

  • Control of invasive species.

  • Management works to restore important habitats

  • Carrying out the work recommended in an earlier conservation report or wildlife management plan

  • Removal of an invasive species such as rhododendron from woodland

  • Archival boxing for vulnerable documents.

Raising awareness of Heritage
The objective of this scheme is to support fresh approaches and initiatives that link heritage to communities, promoting active engagement with heritage and its appreciation by the public.

 Here are some examples of possible projects under the Heritage Education, Community and Outreach scheme:

  • Conference or exhibition on heritage of an area

  • Heritage Week activities

  • Seminar on traditional skills such as lime mortar, thatching

  • Education project involving a museum or archive with local schools

  • Field trips to heritage sites for schools

  • Events using art, drama or new media