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June 11, 2008

Kildare Biodiversity Plan: Have Your Say

County Kildare Biodiversity Plan The Heritage Office of Kildare County Council, under the guidance of the Heritage Forum, is starting the process of writing the first Biodiversity Plan for County Kildare. This plan will provide a framework for the conservation, management and enhancement of the rich natural heritage and biodiversity in the county.

The views of all members of the community are important in putting together the Kildare Biodiversity Plan. Consultation with the general public, stakeholders and all interested parties is an essential part of the process.

You can have your say by making a submission to the Heritage Office of Kildare County Council (Kildare County Council, Planning Department, Áras Chill Dara, Devoy Park) before the deadline of the 31st of July 2008. A consultation form has been prepared to assist in the formulation of submissions but general comments and submissions are also welcome.

Some of the questions the consultation process aims to address include:

  • What are the most important issues concerning biodiversity or nature conservation in Kildare?
  • What are the main threats to Kildare’s natural heritage?
  • What are the most important actions that need to be taken to conserve and enhance nature and biodiversity of Kildare?


The Biodiversity Plan consultation form can be downloaded here.

It is also available from local libraries and the Planning Office of Kildare County Council.

When all submissions to the Kildare Biodiversity Plan have been received, the draft plan will be put on public display and additional comments will be welcomed. A public meeting will be held in September 2008 to discuss draft Biodiversity Plan and to seek further input. If you would like to get involved in the preparation of the plan, complete a consultation form and attend the public meeting.

What is Biodiversity?
Biodiversity is another term for nature, natural heritage, wildlife or the natural world. Biodiversity or biological diversity simply means the variety of all living things on earth - including people, plants, animals, fungi and micro-organisms. Biodiversity is everywhere and all around us, from gardens to hedgerows, woodlands to wetlands, rivers to bogs. We all depend on biodiversity to provide clean air and water, healthy soils, food, building materials, and medicines.

What Benefit is Biodiversity to me?
Biodiversity contributes to the following:

  • Clean air,
  • pollination of plants,
  • pollution control,
  • flood control,
  • good quality soils,
  • clean water,
  • building materials,
  • and medicines.


What habitats do we have in Kildare?
County Kildare has a wide range of natural habitats, many of which are of high biodiversity and wildlife value. Particularly important sites for biodiversity in the county include:

  • Pollardstown Fen,
  • the River Barrow,
  • the Curragh plains,
  • the Blackwood Feeder,
  • Donadea Forest Park,
  • the Rye Water in Carton Estate,

as well as, several important raised bogs and fens. Other more common but important wildlife habitats in the county include hedgerows, wet grasslands and road verges. Kildare’s rich natural heritage is a major part of its attraction and charm for visitors and residents alike.