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July 16, 2008

International Bog Day Festival in Kildare


On Sunday 27th july, the Bog of Allen Nature Centre will throw open its
doors to launch a celebration of International Bog Day. This world wide
event helps to raise awareness of the value of bogs to our daily lives. And
the Irish Peatland Conservation Council invite participants to explore their
peatland heritage and future as part of the festival.

A key part of the event will be a talk by Cillian Breathnach entitled:
Peatland Restoration in Canada ­ Where? How? Why Bother? This will be
followed by a walk on Lodge Bog to see the restoration measures being
implemented to raise its water levels. Lodge Bog is an example of a raised
bog habitat. Raised Bogs could be the first peatland type to become extinct
in Ireland because of over exploitation for turf cutting and peat milling.

The International Bog Day Festival will also include self guiding tours of
the Peatland Museum at the Bog of Allen Nature Centre. On display here are
antlers of the Great Irish Elk found in a bog near Carbury, a bog butter and
part of an ancient togher or trackway found in Lullymore Bog. Visitors may
also like to view the picture displays of the Army at work in the bog during
the Second World War. Their "turf cutting camp" was based in Lullymore.

For children we will have a frog hunt and pond dipping activities in the
garden. Our aim is to find a 100 frogs.

The Festival will take place in the Bog of Allen Nature Centre, Lullymore
from 12 noon to 4pm on Sunday 27th July 2008. All welcome. Tea and Coffee and Bikkies will be served. Admission free.

Further information: Irish Peatland Conservation Council Tel 045-860133.