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May 27, 2011

Contact RTE Genealogy Roadshow to be in Sunday's Programme

The first episode of the new RTE television series ‘The Genealogy Roadshow’ will be recorded this coming Sunday in Carton House, Kildare. The presenter is Derek Mooney.
You can come along and be in the programme. Audience and contributors wanted!

Here are some of the great stories we’ll be featuring on the show.

  • Kildare's connections to a world famous explorer.
  • Local heroes and villains from one of the bloodiest episodes of the 1978 Rebellion.
  • A remarkable Irish connection to Napoleon on the show.
  • The strange story of huge numbers of Irish people who were sold into slavery.

We'll be there all afternoon with these tales and more, this coming Sunday in Kildare’s Carton House.
It’s an informal, family event so all are welcome and you will get the chance to meet genealogists and historians if you have questions for them.
Admission is free to the public but we would ask people who are thinking of attending to get in touch because we have three blocks of filming across the afternoon. You can come along for the whole thing or just for a while. So get in touch now.
Call Kate on 086 237 5499 or drop us an email to
Hope to see you there - This Sunday afternoon in Carton House from 12.30pm.