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November 16, 2011

Bog Woodland survey highlights little known face of Irish bogs

IPCC The Irish Peatland Conservation Council have completed an extensive survey of the bog woodland habitat on their reserve Lodge Bog in county Kildare. “From this survey we have gained more knowledge of bog woodland habitats which are an EU conservation priority and a little known face of Irish bogs” says Michael Kenny, Conservation Officer with the IPCC. The survey revealed dry and wet types of birch dominated bog woodland within the site. This survey will also assist with the management of this habitat for biodiversity conservation in the future.
Bog woodland habitats are listed as a priority habitat for protection under the EU Habitats Directive. In Ireland bog woodlands are associated with intact raised bogs. The habitat is rare with documented sites in Ireland covering less than 35ha.

These woodlands are important for providing vertical structure, shelter and warmth in an essentially open and exposed habitat as well providing habitats for a variety of additional plant and animal species.
“From this survey 54 species were identified in the bog woodland which is remarkable and indicates the biodiversity supported by this rare habitat” says Michael Kenny, Conservation Officer. “The 5ha of woodlands on Lodge Bog may represent the only area of this habitat protected in Co. Kildare” he added.

This Bog Woodland Habitat Survey and Volunteer Training Programme received funding from Kildare County Council under the Community Heritage Grant Scheme 2011 and the Department of the Environment, Community and Local Government and the National Parks and Wildlife Service through their Notice Nature Campaign and distributed by the Irish Environmental Network under the Biodiversity Fund.