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May 14, 2009

Biodiversity a Sure Bet in Race of Life

Kildare Local Authorities is launching a radio campaign on KFM to raise awareness about biodiversity in Kildare during May to coincide with International Biodiversity Day on 22nd May.

“Biodiversity means nature and wildlife and the relationships between species. It is the life support system for society”, says Bridget Loughlin, Heritage Officer of Kildare County Council. “It gives us food, clothing, medicine, housing, tourism and supports our economy. But we are losing it because of pollution, over-development, the destruction of habitats and now, climate change.”

Biodiversity is the variety of all living things and the connection between them. Other words to describe it are nature and natural heritage. In Kildare, our biodiversity includes people, our rivers, peatlands, hedgerows, soils, bats, butterflies, salmon and much more. Even horseracing in Kildare has an intimate connection with biodiversity since the grassland at the Curragh is also home to several rare fungi and to wintering birds like the golden plover.

The awareness campaign will focus on four themes; what is biodiversity and why it’s important;  protected species and habitats in the county; alien invaders or invasive species which are threatening native species; and the potential impact of climate change on biodiversity.

Biodiversity Day is May 22nd, go on, get out and enjoy it. Sponsored by Kildare Local Authorities, the Kildare Heritage Forum and the Heritage Council.

Contact the Kildare County Council Heritage Officer, Bridget Loughlin on 045 980791 or at for more information.