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December 29, 2008

New Fitness Studio in Athy

Studio Body Perfect is Your best investment in beauty and health.

We are here to provide You with training in Body-Space sub-pressure capsules.

Body-Spacetraining is a breakthrough in the fight against cellulite and fat tissue.

Sensational effects 4 times faster than during classic training in the gym.

Are You tired spending hours in the gym? Try Vibra-Space training – gym effect with no weight lifting.

Don't You have enough time for everyday walking or jogging? Body-Space training will let You lose unwanted kilograms in a similar but much more pleasant and efficient way.

Or maybe You just want to relax? Body-Space training will provide You with better fitness and disposition.


  •  Increased metabolism
  •  Increased circulation of blood and lymph
  • Fast fat tissue burn (20-25 g/session)
  •  Effective reduction of cellulite
  •  Active slimming down
  •  Weight loss
  •  Body sculpture
  •  Better physical condition
  •  Firm skin
  •  Better disposition
  •  Constant weight control



ATHY, Co.Kildare

phone 087 280 5756