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June 09, 2011

Glaucoma Screening Tests at Kildare County Show

Glaucoma is one of the leading causes of preventable blindness in Ireland. There are no symptoms in its early stages, but a thorough eye exam can detect the signs of glaucoma before you realise there is a problem.

Glaucoma is an eye condition that causes damage to the optic nerve, which transmits images to the brain. The eye needs a certain amount of pressure to maintain shape and size. However, increased fluid can put pressure on the optic nerve and cause damage.
If glaucoma is not treated, damage can progress, causing a loss of peripheral or side vision and may eventually lead to complete sight loss.

Glaucoma has no symptoms in the early stages so you may not notice any pain or noticeable change in your vision. 40% of your optic nerve can be damaged before you notice any loss of vision, thus it is so important to have regular eye exams. A routine eye exam could pick up glaucoma before you notice any changes to your vision and treatment may prevent any deteriorating.  Early detection is vital in the treatment of glaucoma and any damage caused by the condition can be managed if caught early and further damage can be prevented.

 A simple and straight-forward screening test can detect the possibility of glaucoma and Athy Lions Club have arranged for free glaucoma screenings to be performed at their stand during the high profile Kildare County Show which is being held in Athy on the 19th June, 2011.

Announcing the news this week Athy Lions Club President, Paul Cunningham, is very pleased to be able to offer this very valuable screening to all patrons at the Kildare County Show.  The Club President is encouraging as many people as possible to attend the screening - which takes only matter of minutes.

Athy and all of Kildare look forward to the forthcoming Kildare County Show.

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For more information please contact Paul Cunningham  087 814 8432 or email at