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January 14, 2008

Serious about diet, health & fitness?

Personal Training in Kildare January is traditionally the time of year when people decide to get fit and get healthy, and yet by Feburary many people have found that they have given up and not succeeded in keeping their new year get fit resolution. Many people agree that the key to keeping up the effort is positive motivation and a good support system.

One Kildare based trainer, Brendan Murphy, offers affordable “One to One” Personal Fitness training incorporating nutritional and lifestyle therapy and advice. Brendans has a unique and “no nonsense” approach to health for people who are serious about change. Brendan offers training and consultation at a private, purpose built studio in Kildare where people come on a one to one basis or in small groups to train and  ultimately achieve success. Brendan has a serious approach, with his motto being "NO FADS!  NO GIMMICKS!  NO HYPE!  NO FALSE PROMISES!" and yet Brendan says that you 'don’t need pain to get fit', which is certainly a relief to everyone!

With 13 years as a trainer, sports massage therapist and nutritional advisor, Brendan offers sensible advise. He says that exercise and diet fads and gimmicks, can lead to ill health and that people need to accept there are no magic bullets and quick fixes if you they want success. Instead Brendan advises people to eat an individualised optimum diet and exercise regularly with a specific, personalised program approach. It is important to be realistic and face the truth if you really want to succeed in the long and short term.

For more information or to arrange a free consultation from Brendan call 087 787 4050 or visit his website at to find out more about this unique service in Kildare.