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December 10, 2008

Celbridge Cardiac First Responder Programme Seeks Volunteers

Celbridge Cardiac First Responder Programme  is in the initial stages of development and is seeking volunteers from the Celbridge area.

They are currently planning to launch the programme with the help of Celbridge Community Council.

The role of a Cardiac Community First Responder Programme is to reduce the number of preventable Cardiac deaths in an area by providing timely CPR and Defibrillation before advanced medical help can arrive (i.e an Ambulance with Paramedics).

The idea of the scheme would be that a team of trained responders would be on call at any one time and would receive calls to attend medical cardiac events to initiate life saving care before the ambulance arrives.

The scheme is voluntary and full training will be given to volunteers as per the PHECC (Pre Hospital Emergency Care Council) CFR Course Guidelines. Members will also be fully insured and ongoing training and debriefing would be a key component.

If anyone is interested, you can email David Wallace at or send a PM