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October 16, 2008

An Introduction to the Alexander Technique

There will be a 2-day workshop in Leixlip on Sat & Sun, Nov 29-30 2008, at The Healthy Way, Ralph Square, Leixlip.

The Alexander Technique is a method of personal education which involves self awareness and releasing muscular tension.

This excessive tension slowly accumulates over many years of stressful living and often starts in childhood and, if left unchecked, can give rise later in life to common ailments such as arthritis, neck and back pain, migraine, hypertension, sciatica, insomnia and even depression.

 Vast amounts of money are being spent on the treatment of these illnesses, to say nothing of the pain and discomfort that is felt by the patient, yet every year the number of patients carries on increasing.

Once you have acquired this amazing tool it is yours for life.

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