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December 01, 2008

900,000 Allocated for Improvements to Grove House


Deputy Emmet Stagg and his colleague Cllr. Kevin Byrne have been advised by the HSE that a sum of €900,000 has been allocated for Accommodation Improvements and Refurbishment Works at Grove House, Celbridge, which is home to 14 Mentally Handicapped Residents.

The Improvements proposed, stated Deputy Stagg, will consist of improved living accommodation, additional bathrooms, a lift and refurbishment of the kitchen. It is expected that Planning Permission for the project will be sought in February 2009 with Construction commencing in mid 2009.

An issue raised by Deputy Stagg and Cllr. Byrne in relation to Boundary Treatment of Grove House will also be addressed as part of the Project. This includes the threat posed by local thugs to the residents of Grove House and residents of the nearby The Grove Estate. These local thugs have knocked down the boundary wall at various times and a recessed entrance is used as a gathering point. Their actions have caused fear among the mentally handicapped residents and of residents in houses nearby. The HSE have confirmed that a new boundary wall will be built rather than recent patch up jobs and they will also consider removing the recessed area by bringing the entrance gate in line with the boundary wall. These improvements would remove the attractiveness of the area for these local thugs and improve the environment for those living in Grove House and in the houses nearby.

In conclusion, Deputy Stagg, in welcoming the funding, stated that the project will improve the quality of life for the residents of Grove House and hopefully will have the added bonus of shifting these local thugs.