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June 29, 2010

The 2010/2011 Guide to Nightcourses in Leinster

The 2010/11 Guide to Nightcourses in Leinster is the market-leading title, listing practically every course in the Leinster region. 

Divided into subject headings, the guide makes it easy to browse subject areas of interest, making it easier than ever for prospective students to find your courses.

Alphabetically listed, the guide is an easy reference tool for anyone actively seeking to pursue a course in their area.

  •  The best-selling evening classes publication for the Leinster region (excluding Dublin), distributed by Newspread, Easons and Argossy Libraries to bookstores,  
     Newsagents, filling stations.
  • Free copies sent to local libraries throughout Dublin.
  • Available free to read digitally or download to the general public.
  • Pass-on readership of approx. 3 per issue, due to nature of publication being stocked in libraries, community centres, colleges and local amenities.
  • Promoted by Learning Ireland's in-house distribution team, who ensure that the guide is restocked frequently throughout the year in all stores and outlets over the
    Spring/New Year period

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