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July 07, 2010

Reading without Tears


The Learning Clinic – Parents’ Workshop

A 3 hour workshop for parents of struggling readers.
A workshop designed to assist parents in helping children develop reading confidence and success.
During the workshop parents will be taught strategies and will be given the tools needed to assist their children with the reading process. Different aspects of reading development will be identified and discussed. Barriers to reading such as dyslexia will also be explored..
This workshop promises to offer insight and relief for parents of children who are struggling to read.
The workshop will include 

  • Phonemic awareness skills.
  • Decoding strategies
  • Sight word vocabulary building
  • Fluency strategies
  • Comprehension Techniques
    Venue:                 The Learning Clinic, Co Kildare                      
    Date:                   20th July
    Time:                   10 am to 1pm
    Cost:                    €50
    To book:            email: 
    Contact:             086 8575636 / 046 9732770 and